Cypress Point


Cypress Point is among our Oryzon’s favorite products. Its 30mm long and unique polyethylene blades result in a super realistic looking grass of very silky but very resilient blades. No-one can deny we meticulously crafted and refined Cypress Point!

It is so sought after the market that we decided to launch it in a range of 3 different colors to make it even more personal! So it is now available in Green, Jade or Emerald to match your own particular style.

Install Cypress Point ANYWHERE. Simple, it’s up to you to choose for which landscaping project. Kids, pets, neighbours… Everyone is going to love it.

    Product Specification

  • Face weight: 35 oz
  • Total weight: 65 oz
  • Pile height: 1.18 inches
  • Total height: 1.26 inches
  • Color: EMERALD
  • Thatch: Y
  • Content: 100% PE
  • Backing: Marine backing


  • Roll size: 1076 sq. ft.
  • Roll length: 82
  • Roll width: 13


  • Brand: Oryzon grass
  • Model: Cypress point
  • Made in: EU

    Certification and Warranty

  • Certification: ESTO + CE EN14041
  • Warranty: 1000 KLY (CHECK SEPARATE DOC)