About us

About us

At More Turf we are a Young marketing driven Sales organization, founded in 2018. With our years of creative experience, we’ll be able to support your distribution plans and think together about next level Marketing and Sales plans.


Today we represent one of the Most Innovative Artificial Turf brand Producers in Europe: Oryzon Grass. More Turf was founded to ease garden use and rebalance water usage: by saving water and improve natural waterflow in home and public spaces.

Open for distribution

Momentarily establishing distribution in The West. Both independent distributor and home improvement chains may apply. We strive for a homogeny and consistent pricing structure across the nation. Value personal contact. Giving you the distribution and sales advantage you need!


Our current assortment focusses on the most natural look and feel products, plus shades for the western part of the US. Feel free to inquire for our complete assortment consisting of multiple brands, product lines, products and different coloring. Our products are intended for floor and space covering only. Though Home owner Golf greens can be installed with our grass. For other applications i.e. intensive sports: soccer, American football, indoor tennis, please address your inquiry to [email protected]

EU Production

Due to complete in-house production and development in Europe from the Yarn, backing as well as our top quality Oryzon brand, end-products. We can guarantee hassle free usage and comfort for your end-users.

US Delivery

Local stock (CA) and swift delivery of your grass in all connected states.