Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful green lawn in just a few hours, day in day out. Artificial turf is ready to use and easy to install. You can’t imagine the possibilities of using this. You can use it everywhere in doors and out, on small and large spaces. Think of a freshly laid area of grass for your patio, terrace, garden, playground, roofing project, event and so on. Why Oryzon grass? You really got Value for Money. It is one of the Most innovative artificial turf brands in Europe, with the most natural look and feel products. Say goodbye to mowing and trimming and use your precious free time for things that really matter. With Oryzon grass you have practically no maintenance, you only need to sweep the natural debris and rinse once in a while. It is eco friendly because you don’t have to use polluting fertilizers and herbicides to keep it green! And best of all think about saving water, not to mention to worry about restrictions of using water during very dry times. – sylvia

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